As an existing client of ela with their Chicago summer residence, we were engaged during the initial architectural development phase of the new Tucson AZ winter residence to offer our technology insights and developed a comprehensive design through implementation plan for this homes numerous smart home goals.

When coordinating a new home project, our detailed documentation and engineering create the ability to share our processes and goals with trades specialists and contractors. These preliminary actions cultivate and efficient and successful project completion for all involved. When a project is completed, all a client wants is operational simplicity, reliability and instant support when requested.

Notable Project Initiative: All 26 Motorized Window Shade Cassettes were engineered to be installed above the window opening and hidden within the wall space above the windows.  In a typical Motorized Shade installation, the shade cassette covers the top 4” of the window which looks like an add-on accessory and not a thoughtful solution to retain the incredible mountain views. By working with the builder before the home was framed, we were able to make simple adjustments to window transoms framing and create the invisible shading pocket we desired.