Lighting Control

Lighting Control

Whether you’re interested in lighting control for a single room, whole home or a commercial space, we deliver the detailed lighting design and engineering documentation to create dramatic visual experiences. We plan the work then work the plan in cooperation with numerous trade professionals to ensure your project is on-time and on-budget.


Lighting Design thoughtfully illuminates the architectural and artistic features of your space while showcasing your good taste! We design by imagining the experience of moving through your space, envisioning how natural and artificial light will affect numerous aspects of the environment and the occupant’s emotional responses.

Lighting Control provides consistent, beautiful and efficient lighting for all environments. From your homes exterior through the interior, you will enjoy consistently dramatic and functional lighting at the touch of a finger. Great lighting control systems will automate many lighting operations based upon sunset, sunrise, time of day or natural ambient light.

Motorized Window Treatments are an essential component to for privacy and UV control to protect your homes interior valuables. By automating your window treatments position throughout the day, we maximize your comfort and energy savings.


Our work is impressive, elegant, and enduring. Our mission is to expand upon this “tradition of excellence” through your overwhelming approval. Please look at some of our recent work in the project gallery then contact us for an on-site meeting or a personal tour of our demonstration home at your convenience.