Electronic Lifestyle AssociatesTargeted CollaborationThoughtful Design & EngineeringImmerse Yourself In The ActionIntegrated SolutionsPrecision CraftsmanshipComprehensive Turn Key EnjoymentIlluminate Your Good TastePerfect by DesignCloud Based management

Electronic Lifestyle Associates

We are Technology Lifestyle Architects delivering intuitive & reliable solutions.

Targeted Collaboration

We work in concert with clients, designers, trade specialists to produce remarkable results.

Thoughtful Design & Engineering

We plan the work, then work the plan.

Immerse Yourself In The Action

Experience sports & movies as if you were right there.

Integrated Solutions

Conceal the technology but place enjoyment center stage.

Precision Craftsmanship

We master the challenging while leaving an invisible footprint during the process.

Comprehensive Turn Key Enjoyment

Complete design through implementation solutions provider.

Illuminate Your Good Taste

Our lighting design and control capabilities compliment any environment.

Perfect by Design

We implement detailed documentation and thoughtful insight for every project.

Cloud Based management

We have you covered with nearly immediate support and cloud based system management.