Home Automation

Home Automation

Home automation by definition simplifies, automates and informs you when something needs your attention. Many of these automation control systems can remotely access your home from anywhere in the world. Want to turn up the heat in your home as you get back from a trip or warm up that Jacuzzi, no problem in our connected world.


Handheld Programmable Remote Controls are the most recognizable integration tool. With solid programming, this device turns a pile of unsightly and difficult to operate remotes into an intuitive and elegant solution for any home entertainment system.

Smart Phones & Tablets expand upon the handheld remote. These pocket sized devices have become the ubiquitous tool to manage, organize and communicate. By unifying your homes automation control into one single application on your personal device is truly Total Home Control.

HVAC & Energy Management are providing comfort to your environments and occupants yet they also provide a rich array of energy savings and user feedback so you know where your costs and savings are happening, in real-time.

Surveillance Cameras and their storage systems are designed to allow “private” real-time access to digital streaming video and access to recorded content from anywhere you are.

Appliances & Specialty Items like Door Access, Pools, Hot Tubs & Ovens are all part of the home automation experience and are easy to integrate with a little thought and preparation.


Our work is impressive, elegant, and enduring. Our mission is to expand upon this “tradition of excellence” through your overwhelming approval. Please look at some of our recent work in the project gallery then contact us for an on-site meeting or a personal tour of our demonstration home at your convenience.